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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey

The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey. New York: Luna, 2008. ISBN: 978-0-373-80265-4

The latest in the “500 Kingdoms” series by Mercedes Lackey, the undisputed master (or would it be sexist to say “mistress”?) of the fantasy novel for adolescent girls (and boys, and men, and women). Previous novels in this charming and delightful (overworked, but still apt adjectives) series include The Fairy Godmother (2004), One Good Knight (2006), and Fortune's Fool (2007).

So what's the scoop on this latest entry? The Ice Queen is actually a good witch, a benevolent spirit, but further up into the fastness of the north, someone is wickedly impersonating her, and luring handsome young men to their doom. And so the Queen teams up with the latest victim's betrothed and a village witch, plus a couple of blacksmith type wizards to set things aright.

Lots of romantic adventures ensue, to the eventual delight of all.

Only now have I belatedly realized that Luna is a trademark of Harlequin Books! Who knew? Frankly, who cares? Light but vastly entertaining is my enthusiastic verdict. Highly recommended, as were all of the previous instances of this series.

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