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Sunday, February 25, 2007

One Good Knight by Mercedes Lackey

One Good Knight by Mercedes Lackey. New York: Luna Books, 2006. ISBN: 0-373-80217-X

This is the second novel in the author's new fantasy series involving the “500 Kingdoms.” But instead of taking place in the world of The Brothers Grimm, like its predecessor, The Fairy Godmother, this one takes place in the milieu of ancient Greece, where satyrs, fauns and centaurs supposedly roam, although we don't meet any, only dragons.

As is the case with most if not all of Lackey's work, the primary intended audience would seem to be the typical adolescent girl, but the writing is so skillful, and the story telling so charming, that most any fantasy fan, young or old, male or female, will undoubtedly enjoy the book.

Young princess Andromeda grows up almost overnight, only to discover that all is not well in her lovely kingdom by the sea. Her mother, the Queen, doesn't seem to have her best interest entirely at heart, and eventually Andie, as she's generally known, finds herself as one of the virgins sacrificed to appease a marauding dragon.

If there's any downside to the book, it is the patently too pat happy ending. We know there WILL be a happy ending, and we WANT a happy ending, but we do wish it could be just a wee little bit more original. But then, fairy tales aren't exactly known for their originality of plot conclusions.

The entry on One Good Knight at the Lackey website is screwed up (at least on the date this was posted). It has the title and first paragraph meant for the NEXT book in the series, Fortune's Fool, due out later this year, but it is worth noting that you can read the first three chapters of either book on the web site.

Definitely recommended for fantasy fans of all stripes, but most especially for young women.


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