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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vintage Collage-Works by Maryjo and Sunny Koch

Vintage Collage-Works: Artful Ideas with Antique Ephemera by Maryjo & Sunny Koch. Produced and Designed by Jennifer Barry. Photographs by Wendy Candelaria. Text by Carolyn Miller. Beverly, Massachusetts: Quarry Books, 2007. ISBN: 1-59253-390-6

This is an idea book for collage artists, or those who would-be such. As such, it has lots of good ideas, and provides inspiration for any number of collage projects, designs, and techniques. These include painting on a collage, using various types of antique papers, such as old letters, envelopes, postage stamps, music (my favorite). Other techniques, such as painting, image transfer, and the use of clip art, are also described.

Of the painting techniques described, scumbling seems the most useful to me. I'm not good at drawing, so I'm afraid the painting of birds and butterflies by hand is not something I'd be good at, or particularly interested in. I see how adding them to a collage can add interest, but I'd be more inclined to find a preexisting picture, and just paste it onto the collage.

While many of the specific projects depicted and described in the book are too cutesy, or too florid and fancy for my taste, they provide lots of inspiration, and ideas for similar collages. My style would hopefully be a little more restrained. Also, the very specific step-by-step instructions on how to create more or less exact replicas of the pieces shown in the book, are not all that helpful.

What I want from a book like this is ideas that spark my own imagination, and techniques explained well enough that I can apply them to my own ideas. And both of those things, this book provides in plentiful supply. Definitely recommended for anyone interested in collage as an art form.

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