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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Saga by Jeff Janoda

Saga: A Novel of Medieval Iceland by Jeff Janoda. Chicago: Academy Chicago Publishers, 2005. ISBN: 0-89733-532-5

I think the reason that novels with medieval settings appeal to me is because the culture and setting are so foreign from our own that the books might almost just as well be science fiction or fantasy, set in some other world in time or space. Certainly that is true of this tale, based on a portion of the Eyrbyggia Saga, and set just a few generations after the Norsemen settled Iceland.

It is a tale of greed, treachery, feud and death. But it is also a story of loyalty and love. In short, a tale of human nature and emotion, set in a different time long ago. Two neighboring chieftains or “gothi” are jockeying for power and prestige. One in particular, Arnkel gothi, uses men as pawns, manipulating them to achieve his dubious ends. While not every wrong is righted, there is a certain amount of justice meted out by the tale's end.

The story is well written with much to enjoy. Recommended, especially for anyone with an interest in the foundations of Norse culture and mythology.


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