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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Love Rules by Marilyn Reynolds

Love Rules by Marilyn Reynolds. True-To-Life series From Hamilton High. Buena Park, California: Morning Glory Press, 2001. ISBN: 1-885356-76-5.

This is the 8th novel in Marilyn Reynolds "True-To-Life series From Hamilton High" series. Squarely aimed at the Young Adult audience, books from the series have appeared on a number of Best Books lists for this group.

Lynn, a 17-year old high-school senior, discovers that Kit, her "spirit sister," and best friend since they were eleven, is a Lesbian. She goes through all of the standard reactions, disbelief, fear of the unknown, anger, dismay, as she attempts to come to terms with this revelation.

At the same time, Lynne is beginning a relationship with Conan, a black football star and big man on campus. While Lynne's single mother doesn't seem to have a problem with Conan, Conan's family is another matter altogether.

The theme is tolerance and intolerance. A large group of students become more and more overtly intolerant as a Gay/Straight Alliance begins meeting on campus. Some teachers are strongly supportive of all life styles, others are passive, or even openly resistant, tending to support the intolerant group, through their actions or more often, through their inaction. Tensions rise, and violence seems imminent.

The story is told in an intimate first person voice, with Lynn as our narrator. We are right inside her head, experiencing everything, good and bad, from her point of view. Very effectively and sensitively written. Highly recommended for library young adult collections.


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